Shells Saddle Shack

About Me:

My mission is to make saddle and tack buying as stress free for you as possible.   I hope to provide a service in addition to quality tack.  My main concern is customer service.  I want to be a name you can trust and someone you want to work with in order to fit you and your horse with something you both will be happy with.  I'm also hoping that by keeping my business small and internet based I can better serve you.  What this means is, if I don't have something in stock that you are looking for please ask and I can either direct you in your search,  or I might know of something I don't have listed.  Please don't hesitate to send me on your goose chase!!

I offer a money back guarentee with my saddles and tack if after two weeks you are unhappy with the saddle, whether it be saddle fit or you just didn't like it as much as you thought you would,  just ship it back to me and I will refund your money minus what it cost to ship the saddle to you.  The saddle must be in the condition that I sent it to you and must not have been altered in any way.  Its kind of a safety net so you don't have to worry about your investment and hopefully it alieves the anxiety of the "fit question".  I will do my best to fully answer all your questions.

The Risk of injuy or death is known to be inherent with the participation of equestrian activities, the use of any items sold by Shells Saddle Shack, is at the purchasers' own risk, no guarantee is made as to the safety & function when applied to an activity associated with horses, again items are sold as is as used.  I do not want you to be stuck with anything you do not want so please do not hesitate to send any item back within the two week policy.

 I am located in Norway MI and I can be reached at 906-221-7837or

Michelle Ellsworth

200 Mine St

Norway MI 49870

(906) 221-7837 Cell